Annotated Blogroll

  • Dallas Brew Scene ( Dallas Brew Scene is a well known blog in the Dallas area. Their website is currently under construction, but they are often quoted and liked to by other blogs and individuals.The spread information about events and breweries in the DFW area. They’ve also got a forum page where people can discuss breweries and brews.
  • Dallas Beer Snobs ( Dallas Beer Snobs focuses on finding the perfect pairing of beer and food. The author, Bon Vivant, has been blogging for almost 4 years. He and his friends attempt to expand the tastes of readers and give them opportunities to try new things. Their focus is on Dallas, but they do include other areas. They review bars and restaurants and give “brutally honest opinions.”
  • Brews News ( Brews News is a blog on Dallas Observer. They blog about a wide range of brew related topics. The author, Lauren Drewes Daniels, blogs about food in the Dallas area but has a large following from the brew scene.
  • BrewDallas ( Not as frequently updated, BrewDallas is about finding, discussing, and drinking beer in the Dallas area. This blog has become much more Twitter oriented, but the author shares links from other brew based sites.
  • SideDish ( SideDish is is a blog on D Magazine’s website. Though not completely focused on beer, they have kept up with the expanding brew scene in Dallas and often feature articles about breweries and beers. There are posts from multiple authors, and they are linked to from other blogs regularly.

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