Big Texas Beer Fest — Something You Don’t Want to Miss

On April 5th in the Fair Park Automotive Building, Big Texas Beer Fest is coming back for its second year, and that’s a great thing for small businesses and local breweries.

With the explosion of craft breweries in North Texas, beer festivals were bound to follow. Chad and Nellie Montgomery didn’t think they were coming fast enough, though. After attending the 2010 Great American Beer Festival in Colorado, they wondered why North Texas didn’t have a festival. They decided to change that, and without entrepreneurial experience, launched Big Texas Beer Fest 2013. With the success of the first year, they’ve brought it back for 2014.

They “want the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to have an event [it’s] proud of”. To do this, they make sure the festival focuses on what they love:local craft breweries, small businesses, charities, and economy. With over 100 breweries (including almost all breweries from North Texas) supporting the festival and plenty of exhibits, they’re definitely on their way to accomplish that goal.

Local bars and restaurants will be partnering and exhibiting with breweries to show their strength in North Texas. The profits will be donated to charities. And, obviously, this is a great opportunity for the North Texas economy. More people will be exposed to beers they haven’t tried before which will help grow consumer bases.

Whether you’ve tried every beer around and want some more or you’re new to the craft brew scene, this event is something you don’t want to miss.


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