North Texas Brewers Shine at 2014 World Beer Cup

Yesterday at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado, the Brewers Association handed out awards for the 2014 World Beer Cup. The event, which takes place every two years, featured 4,754 beers from 1,403 breweries in 58 countries.Of the 282 winning beers (94 categories with 3 places in each), 8 were from Texas, and 3 were from the DFW area. Now, you may be thinking that isn’t a big percentage. And if you look strictly at the numbers, you’d be right. 3% from Texas and 1% from North Texas aren’t very high numbers. You have to look at the bigger picture.

First, you have to understand something. The three winners from North Texas were Community Beer Co. (Gold – Witbier), Deep Ellum Brewing Co. (Bronze – 4 Swords Belgian Style Quad), and Rahr and Sons Brewing Co. (Bronze – Stormcloud). These breweries were opened in 2012, 2011, and 2004, respectively. So why’s this important? History. Or lack there of.

Brewing is DFW is relatively new, and opening a new brewery isn’t an easy thing to do. Once the brewer jumps through all the legal hoops, they have to build the brewery, find more staff, and actually brew the beer. Not everyone can do it. And even those who do don’t always succeed. Your beer makes your mark. If it’s not a good beer, you won’t survive. Despite the odds, though, the North Texas brewing scene is flourishing. More and more breweries are opening and succeeding. To have breweries less than 3 years old winning awards in categories with international breweries that have been around for much longer is a great thing. So go out, drink local, and help the DFW breweries hone their skills.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the winners, Beer Pulse has a complete list.


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